Dice Rules

Chuck a luck is a very animated game where three dice roll in a cage while the player places bets on how many dice will have the chosen number when the cage ends up spinning. He was probably born in English Pubs many years ago and initially did not have a cage. Instead, the players used a kind of horn made of metal or leather to “chuck-pull” the dice and then “luck-guess” the number that came out.

An interesting note about this game is that the metal horn was easier to model than the leather one – because tin was cheaper than brass – and people who played games with little money and horns of tin were called “the players with the tin horn”.

Today, Chuck a luck is a very popular game that animates carnivals, events organized to raise money and casinos all over the world. It’s fun and easy to remember, so players learn it quickly, and the excitement of the game and the chances of winning make the player return to play frequently.

The game

The dice are standard six-sided cubes, with sides numbered 1 to 6. The 3 dice are in a cage that spins on its horizontal axis. Players can bet by placing the chips on the various boards of the table.

The cage will start to spin only when the player places at least one chip on the table. Once the player has placed all bets click on SPIN.

You can move or change bets until you see the “Bets are closed” button. After a few seconds, the cage will stop and the winning numbers will be displayed.

The Chuck-A-Luck offers 6 betting possibilities:

Numbers Bet
Field Bet
High Bet (more than 10)
Low Bet (Less than 11)
Odd Bet
Even Bet
Numbers Bet
If you place the bet on the Numbers Bet (1,2,3,4,5 or 6) the winnings are paid based on how many dice show the number you bet on.

Se tutti e 3 dadi cadono con il numero 4, e tu hai scommesso sul 4, la vincita e’ 10:1. Puoi scommettere sulla quantita’ di numeri che vuoi.

Le restanti 5 scommesse sono basate sul totale dei 3 dadi. Di conseguenza, un risultato con un 5, un 2 e un 4 somma un totale di 11. I punti totali vanno da 3 (tre 1) fino a 18 (tre 6).

Field Bet