Online Poker

Online poker is a game that is not part of an online casino site but because of the enormous popularity of the game we are sincere about what to write.

The idea of playing poker against other players around the world existed for some time but only after the advent of the Internet was possible online poker and it rapidly began to conquer the world. It all started in America and slowly spread to Europe, where it is seen as a real sport like football or tennis.

There are many different online poker rooms today but we have only a small selection of the best and most reliable. Poker House is the first online poker room in the Netherlands that Dutch is complete and Party Poker is the world’s largest poker room. Both poker rooms are worth and have their own unique issues. If you want to play against other Dutch you should definitely choose Poker House and if you are looking for foreign players then Party Poker is suitable. Not confuse with casino poker online poker as you play online against others and not against a bank or dealer.

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